Prize-winning diamond microdermabrasion by VIORA

Gentle skin regeneration for all skin types

Attached to a handpiece, the various fine, extremely hygienic diamond tips are passed over the skin, using different techniques depending on the skin type. This treatment removes the corneal layer with greater precision and control than conventional exfoliation treatments. FineSkin uses this highly effective procedure as a preliminary treatment to all our other treatments (NLite V3, Micro-needling by BDR, electro-mesotherapy and ultrasound.

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  • Suitable for all skin types and all ages
  • Ageing, damaged skin
  • Blemished skin and open pores
  • Targeted and fast help for manifold skin problems


  • This treatment infuses your skin with high-quality active ingredients through special masks
  • Your skin will immediately appear younger and more refreshed
  • Suitable even for very sensitive skin
  • Natural, painless and bloodless treatment with no side effects
  • One of the most innovative devices currently on the European market

Tip: 4D facial treatment is the perfect combination of diamond microdermabrasion, NLite V3, micro-needling and red-light mask. More info

An ingenious high-tech method

In combination with ultrasound in a magnetic field

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